About...Mr. Lucky, Painter

Mr. Lucky has developed life drawing into a unique code of shapes signaling feature, muscle, and shadow, taking his cue from Michelangelo's comment "the muscles are the ripples of the soul". The figurative shapes are composed against perspective--true and splayed, architectural and natural, interior and exterior--all pinned to a horizon line. The light varies with the emotional climate. The content is, above all, human.

In 1985, Mr. Lucky called his open studio, exhibition, "Dare you enter the house of...'Abstract Humanism'?"

Never intimidated by the nihilism of the era, Lucky continued towards a personal formula, not succumbing to the vogue of the ironic age. He focused on the history of art and his own painting. The work is challenging and inviting; full of movement and moving; visually stimulating yet full of content; evocative yet unsentimental; emotional, yet packed with engaging intellectual spaces.

Mr. Lucky is a painter who combines Renaissance and Twentieth Century pictorial devices with subconscious and conscious symbolism. He musters the style storms of realism, surrealism, futurism, abstraction, and formal sculpture, spinning to new heights and depths of soul. These are fresh paintings of everything: the sights, the signifiers, the faces, the skies, the skylines, the lives of life and the pieces inside.




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