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Brian Favorite , SF , Wed Sep 6 11:59:40 2000
Hey Mr. Lucky-

Sure as hell enjoyed your Burning Man appearance - esp. right before the big burn. Very appropriate and your repotiore was right on the mark!
Thanks for adding even more color to an already colorful event! See you again soon.

RhondaK , Tampa , Sat Aug 26 13:17:15 2000
Dave Werner , Sparta, MI , Sun Jul 16 21:52:43 2000
Nice to see some interest in "61 New Yorkers. I have two, a convert and a wagon, both white with red vinyl interiors. I drove the convert (not in the winter) for about five years. Both have been in storage since 1974. Seeing yours makes me want to get them out and start restoring them. Dave
Chris Oertwig , Fremont, California , Mon May 1 09:09:33 2000
Alan Masaoka , Carmel Valley, Ca , Fri Apr 14 10:27:42 2000
Caught your show at the BurningMan

It was sooo great!

Hope you'll be there this year?
Dana-Maria (Beatgrrrl) , San Francisco , Thu Apr 13 11:50:45 2000
Mr. Lucky, you're the bee's knees! *wink*

Swizzle sticks and dime-store tricks,

Jezabel , Mon Mar 27 18:25:05 2000
Jaina A. Davis , San Fran-fuckin-cisco , Sun Mar 12 09:46:41 2000
You hoo my haw!
You gee my gaw!
You see my saw!
And you tic my tacky toe
teal lorene sayles , Miami, oklahoma , Tue Feb 1 18:17:34 2000
your shit is pretty cool!
sportster6000 , Tue Jan 25 06:14:09 2000
Great page!
Get some great music from a great band.
Just go to
Dj Curly , , Mon Nov 1 19:21:06 1999
It was great getting to meet you last summer at a Hound's show.
I hope things are going well for you and I hope I run into you in the Big Apple
soon :)

Your site is as good as ever :)

ps...I have my own poetry page now-let me know what you think.
(the link is in the location)
My other site is still up..but under renovation...

Until later-
Dj Curly
Stephanie Andelman , San Fran , Sat Nov 13 20:24:06 1999
no one can mix a martini and do the swivel like mr. lucky. he makes us all feel lucky in his presence.
greg groom , calif , Fri Oct 22 23:27:58 1999
Lucky you are one swinging dude keep up the good work and keep on flying high in your fabulous finned chrysler newyorker I have convertible myself
John Lochen , San Francisco , Wed Oct 6 16:10:20 1999
Mr. L, do you have political aspirations?
John Lochen , San Francisco , Wed Oct 6 16:10:20 1999
Mr. L, do you have political aspirations?
Jone Stebbins , San Francisco, CA. , Thu Aug 19 11:40:15 1999
Mr. Lucky is without a doubt one of the most unique fascinating artists of our time. He makes me very happy!!
Carolyn Keith , Lemoore, CA , Fri Aug 6 21:52:35 1999
Good looking car! I have a 1962 Chrysler New Yorker. My Mom and Dad bought it on December 15, 1962, I even have the cancelled check for $3,801.00 from when they purchased it.
They parked it 20 years ago. I started reconditioning it after it had been parked for 17 years. It has now been the 20th year since it has been parked but when I took it in to have the air conditioning checked out the A/C mechanic said all he did was to add 1 1/2 pounds of freon and it worked fine. You can't get the cars nowdays to last that long.
There are 267,000 original miles when I started working on it. I overhauled the 413 engine, put the hardened valve seats in it for the unleaded gas. I port & polished the heads, balanced the engine and had 2 1/2" exhaust with flowmasters installed. Boy did that make it sound mean.
I drive it anywhere I get ready to. It is a real dependable ride and gets stares everywhere. I have a lot of fun with it.
When some of the family ride with me, we usually start our cruising with something like, "Remember when....."
Four siblings learned to drive in this car, plus uncountable trips back East.
The car is a beige with rose tint, we named it the Pink Panther because it had that pink tint.
Old cars are a lot of fun, especially when there is so much nostaglia and rememberances involved in them.
Have fun with your Mopar... I know I will.
Kt Oneil , San Francisco , Fri Jul 16 13:33:16 1999
You are Rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BRENDA , boston, ma , Thu Jul 8 17:39:23 1999
hi, mr. lucky! when i come to visit you in april, i'll paint flowers on your car! bye! beaniebrenda
Julie Williamson , North Adams, Massaschusetts , Wed Jun 30 17:00:28 1999
uh hi!? i don't know what to say. ok whatever. bye

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