"Lounge pioneer Mr. Lucky was (arguably) the first to dress like Frank Sinatra. In the early 80's he began crooning Sinatra and Bacharach songs...the handsome, hard-hitting man-about-town who plays for the highest stakes of all--life and death."--V. Vale,V/Search-RE/Search Publications


Mr. Lucky has appeared at venues coast to coast over the past few years, such as...

Club Deluxe, Bimbo's 365 Club, The Hiball Lounge, The Hush Hush, The Beauty Bar, Cafe du Nord, The Squid List's Analog Cafe, the Odeon Bar, the SquidList tentacle sessions, the Flambe Lounge, and The Burning Man Arts Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada!

And in New York City...

The Slipper Room, 999s, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and The Greatest Bar in the World atop the World Trade Center.

Lucky has appeared on stage and screen including the recent hit movie, Bartelby.

Featuring a vertible "Super Group" audiences are going wild! Featuring Mr. Lucky, Ralph Carney, R. Joshua Brodie, Matt Brubeck, and Kevin Mummy!

Mr. Lucky, well known west coast swinger, crooner, and cocktailer has teamed up with the Psychedelic Lounge Cats, who tore a fresh one through the Ann Arbor scene before Route 66'n out to the coast!

"If Sinatra had stuck with Mia, he'd be making music like this today, Don't miss it!" --Thomas F. Byrne Communications Group

This combo has launched a next gen of multi-styled music, sourcing all the trends of the century, and reanimating all our little eras, from America's Golden Ages of Tails, Tailfins, Lovebeads, Discos, Reagonomics and the Gulf War!

"Bennett, Hendrix, Warwick, Campbell, Cobain and Simple Minds all in one guy? Believe it!" --Ken Clark, author (Civilization)

Mr. Lucky featuring Phantasmix!
Foraging, fumigating, gesticulating, packaging, dismembering, evoking, provoking, concising, realizing, canonizing...yes, my son the folksinger...all of these things. Like the best songs dressed in the moog mood, dripping with audio and video samples, moving with the exotic percussions and startling with the wild wind of the saxman Ralph Carney... Lucky croons and belts em out like eveything and nothing matters.





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