Incredibly "Swank" Music
by Peter Martin, Jr.

Listeners interested in the early 90's resurgence in that most generic genre, "Lounge Music", will want to hear "The Mr. Lucky Experience", probably the most eclectic and adventurous of all the post-modern forays into non-rock music.

The act evolved out of the Mr. Lucky performances of the 80's which forged the 90's scene at the Club Deluxe in San Francisco. In 1992, Lucky combined his martini-swigging sets of Bacharach and Sinatra standards with the newly arrived Psychedelic Lounge Cats, who'd arrived fresh from University of Michican/Ann Arbor, where they'd commanded large audiences to their wild blend of seventies funk with sixties lounge and psychedelia. Their appearances at the Deluxe's theme parties evolved into the Mr. Lucky Experience, the self-described "lounge music of the 2010's", a mix 'n' match of musical content and styles covering all the post-war scenes to '92.

Unfortunately for Lucky and the Cats, the act just did not jell with the newly blossoming Swing/Lounge scene which was just catching up to the original standards. The Experience, "genre-less", went nowhere, as they were summarily dismissed from the Deluxe and most of the other clubs featuring the "new swing". The purists hated the mixture of styles; the over-thirties saw only irony and kitsch; and without a label the club owners couldn't call it anything.

While the younger crowd bowed with the "we're not worthy" bit (eg. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" was written by Mr. Lucky, wasn't it?), the band floundered with fewer and fewer gigs, save the Lounge-a-paloozas (which Joffe the guitarist first organized in '95) and occasional calls from the more enlightened venues.

This was truly a bar-none musical carnival, an expedition into uncharted pop territory. Listen closely, and you'll find no irony here, folks. Highly recommended for late night martini parties--summer, 2010.

*with apologies to ReSearch





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