Swing Time Magazine Review

by Hal Jackson, Hal's Hi-Fi Corner, March, 1996

Evidently, somewhere in San Francisco, possibly deep in the bowels of an unassuming A-frame in South City, in a laboratory that closely resembles the police disco in Fassbinder's "Kamikaze 1989," a team of mad scientists labors day and night in search of the ultimate in pop perversity, the postest of post-post-post-modern-modernity. That team would be the Mr. Lucky Experience. Or, rather, that would be their guise when they opt to leave the Naugahyde unterwelt they inhabit by choice and necessity.

Don't let the lounge singer disguise fool you. Lucky is an evil genius (a fact betrayed by his method of incantation--when he intones that "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" he makes it seem as though, indeed, he is in the precarious position of having to defnd his own territory). The six tracks on this cassette attest to ( or at least hint at) a lingering impression that has gathered quite a head of steam during this fin de siecle--namely that the qualities and quality goods our culture has striven for so ardently have some very short shelf lives. And as they turn, so will we. One-eyed jacks will be kings.

This is not to say that the Experience is schlock or even camp--the cauldron that is continually being filled and yet never overflows can contain FM rock, disco, and space-age pop with plenty of elbow room for true guts and glory. But, in an act that can only be considered seditious, the band and producer have teamed up purposefully to make a six-piece instrumental unit sound exactly like one of those touch and play rec room organs we all used to goof around with in the mall, and Lucky himself takes on the role of the friendly uncle-type salesman whose bill of goods includes the notion that seventy-five percent of the fun of music is the terror it inspires.

Each of the six covers here have been Top Ten radio smashes. Each of their new representations by the Lucky Experience deserves to be a number one. We deserve it. With a bullet.

Rating: Five Martinis (highest)





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