"...sounds like the seventh race at Bay Meadows!"-- Herb Caen, S.F. Chronicle, 1985

"Combing a Nation For the Weirdest In Cable Fare...The first stop was a talk show called "Doghouse"...produced by Dave (Dog) Swan...with the fifties style crooner named Mr. Lucky..." -- John Stark, N.Y. Times, 1992

"Exotica extravaganza held at Bimbo's last weekend didn't feel much different from my first simulated tropical rainstorm at the Tonga Room...some of the evening's best moments were provided early on by two local groups of lounge ambassadors...the very swinging sounds of the much loved ensembles Frenchy and Mr. Lucky. The smoky, lounge-lizard melodrama of Mr. Lucky's rendition of "Nights in White Satin" was a high point with its perfect blend of Kitsch, humor, and creative musical arrangement."-- Josh Kun, Bay Guardian, 1996

"Last Thursday night, the Paradise Lounge really lived up to its name, playing host to the premier San Francisco cocktail nation event: Lounge-a-palooza. ...the evening drew an eclectic crowd ranging...to the spit-shine type who follows Mr. Lucky around...'Mr. Lucky has been doing the lounge thing for years,'says one fedora-sporting chap. 'He used to sing over tapes cause musicians didn't want to get anywhere near a lounge act. Now everyone's doing it.'" -- Silke Tudor, S. F. Weekly, 1995

"Mr. Lucky, king emeritus of the West Coast Cocktail Nation was crooning Frank Sinatra and swilling martinis well before the latest wave of lounge lizards; his new set includes a Simple Minds song that starts out as a polka, switches to disco, and then flips to swing. Oh, and a lounge rave version of 'Billie Jean'" -- Sandra Shea, Philadelphia Daily News, 1994

"Mr. Lucky and the XtraNat'r'ls...Acid Lounge Punk Extravaganza?...This is lounge taken to the nth degree." -- Program, Burning Man '97





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