Here is a proposal for a musical production. Penned by Mr. Lucky. Interested parties please post this site and contact Mr. Lucky.

A Lounge Opera ©1997 Mr. Lucky

Overture with quick filmic clips going back to twenties, 40's 60's etc. out stage-sized train window with music mis-matched against the pictures era-wise, and original songs mixed into the overture.

'46 Cadillac pulls up. Lucky appears. Picks him up ride to Little Italy. Angelo driver and Scungele (Music: My Thing, My Scene) singing bits over scungele about the new po-mo lounge/swing scene, whatcha' gotta' do to make it in New york. Waiters chirping in and onto the Mulberry Street sidewalk back out to the car. Lays out the pick an era, any era thing.

World Trade Center nightclub: L. hops on stage reeling off song titles with the band following-- does medley of lounge/swing. Tony, Frank, Vic Damone, Mick Jagger, Bono--all the old big swingers turn up in the audience. Intros, shakin' hands, Looks like he's on his way! Music: spin on Alan Sherman's "Shake hands with your Uncle Max"only names of "Big Twentieth"stars. Music changes with each intro of famous star into "Big Twentieth"song. Turns into big swing/lounge party.

Dawn: dance floor flips into the roof of the trade center. dance with 40's, 60's 70's 80's outfits. Music: It Must Be the Air.

Subway Ride: Hot day reality. Bumping and jostling into car. Meets goth gal. Music: Some Gal! Some Guy! (duet) She disappears running up the stairs into the daylight.

The gig/party The band members arrive late, one by one with introductory songs: the smart one, the tall one, etc. (like Sound of Music). Weird old hippie guy runs the nightclub.

Audition/sound check: Luigi the evil promotor Music: Experience plays songs. Everybody wants to rule the world. Pretty turns sinister. Segue pretty melody into Sin Circus and back and forth. turns into wild Warhol-Goth type party with band members cavorting. Lucky meets goth-rock vampire gal. Back in Black. Goth people get mad and confront Lounge people. Heavy Metal types show up. Folkies arrive out of their element. Punks and rappers. Weirdest pomo super scene with all the types in small groups on stage competing with one another.

Dawn Patrol: L. out walkin down Times Square. Second thoughts, reflection, etc. People on the street are all glitter-rock transvestites. Music: Tough Time in a Tough Town

Morning: Hangover over breakfast at the Kiev, LESide Music: Ballad: Hotel hangover, Do not disturb. Call off the callers--I hope you got the word. What happened the night before, we'll never know. What happens in the next life, that's ok. Who wants to be on the wagon when every morning when when you wake up is as good as you're gonna feel all day? A few from the party last night straggle in, out of "costume"ie Scungele in yellow curly-pointed slippers. Creative impasse. Music: Chorus: "What Do you Do When It's all Been Done Before? Do whatcha gotta do. Do some more. What do you sing when it's all been sung before? Sing what you gotta sing. Sing some more, more, more, more! Like there was Caesar. Then there was Christ. Then there was Humphrey Bogart. Then there was Jerry Rice. There was Picasso. Then there was Warhol. Then there was Coppola. Don't forego Michelangelo.

Secret Romance scene: Lucky meets Goth gal in Tompkins Square park with Goth gal/Goth crowd vs. swing crowd. Music: Our Game ends with this move(lyrics to come). See ya' tomorrow.

Street Battle in Times Square: Sullivan's/theatre marquee. Swing/Lounge show. Lucky walks in with Goth Gal. All hell breaks loose. Folkies: come join us. Goth rockers challenge--gal splits to their side. Heavy metalites show up. Spills out and Posing on Broadway. Rappers drive up with loud music. Big battle. L. drives up with louder--Sinatra singing Mrs. Robinson and takes off. Whole scene blows up--place gets trashed. Music: Operatic. Throwbacks in Heat. Pressure. Folk tune. Music: Can't we all just...move along?

Down & Out Lounge: Finds self in crummy, smokey old seventies lounge bar singing for ancient mariners. The place where old lounge singers go to die, bubbling in their cocktails. Old timers get up and sing lounge versions of Jefferson Airplane and Simple Minds. Goth girlfriend shows up on arm of big-time producer on the heels of his show that just took off. Producer discovers Lucky to star in his new show. She's beside herself. Music: like One more for the road. Beside yourself in the Down and Out. "The down and out lounge. The up and down lost and found. The melancholy place to be. The holy place to sit and sip. Be a blip on the screen. Take your trip. Colors and lights. It's a little trip. A little flight. Skip into your subconscious. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy your fate. Meditate."Different elements show up in the audience. L. brings them together with lounge music version medley of Ellington, Gershwin, Calloway, J. Mitchell, Liz Phair, S. Vega. Lounge Singer as Savior: Lounge versions of all different styles finally bring everyone together.

The Vehicle: On Broadway. "Space-age Bachelor God"production starring Lucky Manhattan. Super spaceship pad on Broadway. Mixture of Busby B. and Hair. All the music camps dancing together--they've discovered lounge music! Music: a. Reprise of Tough Town into. b. When you got it all, what is it all? That's all! When you're on top--you still can't stop lookin' up. Ambition? Transition. Keep them away--I'm working on a new song, a dawn that'll never break. The everlasting, ever- baking piece of cake, ever melting in MacArthur Park.




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