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Mr. Lucky has appeared at venues coast to coast over the past few years, such as... Club Deluxe, Bimbo's 365 Club, The Hiball Lounge, The Hush Hush, The Beauty Bar, Cafe du Nord, The Squid List's Analog Cafe, the Odeon Bar, the SquidList tentacle sessions, the Flambe Lounge, and The Burning Man Arts Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada! And in New York City... The Slipper Room, 999s, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and The Greatest Bar in the World atop the World Trade Center. Lucky has appeared on stage and screen including the recent hit movie, Bartelby.


the cocktail party

The Cocktail Party!
Featuring... a veritable "Super Group"
audiences are going wild over!
Mr. Lucky, the dean of postmodern lounge jazz swing singers, whom Jazziz Magazine calls "a patron saint of the so-called swing movement..." Ralph Carney, Tom Waits' favorite sax man, he wails locally with oranj symphonette and New Brass Ring! R. Joshua Brody, true keyboard maestro and musical director, known for his work with improv theatre, from Robin W to True Fiction! Matt Brubeck, stunning bass player back from his tours with national acts everybody's familiar with except Lucky! Kevin Mummey, jazz drummer extraordinaire behind New Brass Ring known for his work with top-flight jazz musicians all over town!

IT'S... exciting, wild rides on music from the thirties to the sixties,
IT'S... all to swing and latin swing beats for that can't-miss dance crowd,
IT'S...cocktail music that guarantees fun for all,
IT'S...The Cocktail Party!


mr lucky experience

On September 18, 1993, reading from twenty clay tablets generated from the Psychedelic Lounge Cat's gilded computer, and wearing a vintage 1990 nylon red, black and silver leisure suit, standing alone in mid-strip Las Vegas, NV, Mr. Lucky announced:

The Immortal Pantheon: Mancinian, the God of Intrigue... Brubeckian, the God of Intellect... Bacharachian, the God of Heartbreak with the declaration "I love all you littel eras!" Mr. Lucky set forth the parameters of a new, and exciting and different concept in music, verily... an Experience.

What, thou ask? To segue, restylize, and destylize selected popular songs drawn from the repertoire of late Twentieth Century music into a new, individual and unique style, form and format. Presented not as a parody, but as a serious pastiche to be read as cabaret, lounge and dance music.

Why, thou question? Songs made popular within each era have been so stylized that the music becomes obscured by the style. By inflicting unexpected stylizations on familiar songs and combining eras into medleys, the meaning and melody of each song will be transformed in the ears of the audience into new and exciting music worthy of enthusiastic response.

Wow! thou exclaim! The enthusiasm builds as critics and listeners voice their calls for encore!

Watch a Mr. Lucky Experience video on YouTube >


Mr. Lucky featuring Phantasmix!

A wild assemblage of show tunes, classic rock, lounge hits and grunge gathered from all the 20th centuries' intriguing little eras! musicians will include members of the xtranatur'l's, the awd dance troupe's band, mr. wild ralph carney, not one but two moog players and very special guests!