These are portraits painted during one session and two hours of painting time. The spontaneous and deadline approach probes and captures the moment and emotion and the thoughtfulness of the “interviewee”. These pieces can be mounted as conceptual sculpture. Ask to see the artist’s drawings.

Oil paintings on canvas - 24" by 18"

a021.jpg a022.jpg a023.jpg a024.jpg
a025.jpg a026.jpg a027.jpg a028.jpg
a029.jpg a030.jpg pale.jpg a032.jpg


Intaglio etchings - 16" by 20" -- with additions verites.
deathiev.jpg deathivev1.jpg deathivev2.jpg deathivev3.jpg
deathi.jpg deathii.jpg deathiii.jpg deathxfour.jpg

Deceased1 Charcoal On Paper 10X14 1989

Deceased2 Charcoal On Paper 10X14 1989


Portraits are available in four styles...

Visitors to the World’s Fair
The sitter will be portrayed in oils set in a modernist color form!

The sitter will be portrayed in oils while discussing his or her issues with the artist in one three to four hour session!

Official Portraits
The sitter’s image will be completed in layered detail using traditional oil portrait techniques. Can include hands and portraits of couples.

The sitter will be portrayed in oils as he/she would look in death. Age, disease and/or injuries can be selected.