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Intellect creating meaning with passion is art.

My painting puts humanism into contemporary art. This challenge inspired me to create “Situations”.

Situations exact harmonies and play tensions. Thoughtful and emotional; ironic and sincere; confrontational and aesthetic; referential and fresh­all the elements vie for the eye.

The style is abstract humanism:
crisscrossing conceptual and narrative strategies;
setting up internal and external compositional dialogue;
composing fictional faces as content into/onto ab-ex strategies;
playing the imagination-based painting of Poussin versus the realist painting of Caravaggio;
relating democratic idealism to Situationist existentialism;
weighting the dramatic with the austere;
creating an inclusive--and expansive--psychological istoria.

To the Situations comes the spectator.

The spectator, like the artist, must make choices.

The painter’s challenges are now the viewer’s.
All paintings are oil on canvas, 44" x 66", 2000-2003.

View the Situations preliminary sketches.